Fully Automatic Water Tank Level Indicator

Fully Automatic Water Tank Level Indicator With Overflow Alarm & Dry Run Protection

Fully automatic water tank level indicator.

  • System Sounds Alarm when the water level approach the overflow point and warn you to SWITCH OFF the pump set before the tank is full.
  • It provides you the flexibility to decide set the water levels in tank.
  • Built in Indications to show 1 – 6 levels of water & also Show the states of water picked up from your pump set for Dry Run Protection.
  • The system stops overflow & unnecessary running of pump to save electricity as well as water.Fully automatic Water tank level indicator
  • Copper wire sensors.
  • Very Low energy consumption.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Compact & Elegant Design.
  • Save Water & Electricity.
  • Increases Pump Set Life.
  • Avoid Seepage of Roofs & Walls Due to Overflowing Tanks.
  • Ideal for Monitoring Water Levels in Difficult to Access Overhead Tanks

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